Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rich Scheck: Trump's Intention To De-Certify Iran Deal Is Very Suspicious!

by Rich Scheck

President Trump has signaled his intention to fulfill his campaign promise and de-certify the Iran deal, which some feel was the most important foreign-policy accomplishment of the Obama administration.

Many observing him closely believe this confirms his manipulation of the electorate to capture the White House by promising to "Put America First".

The real agenda seems otherwise, i. e. put Israel first and do whatever AIPAC and the Zionists want to achieve the Greater Israel agenda of Bibi Netanyahu, Jared Kushner and the Neocons.


With the White House apparently pressuring the CIA to find the Persians in non-compliance despite rigorous UN inspections and the findings of the intelligence community, the real agenda is transparent for those willing to see: 
Rumor has it that Trump met with Sheldon Adelson shortly after the Las Vegas attacks to discuss "policy!" Everyone knows Adelson wants Iran bombed back to the Stone Age in support of Israel.  This alleged meeting only adds to the perception that Trump's intent to reject the JCPOA benefits Israel and not the US!

One has to ponder the real reason Trump is so eager to undermine the hard work of US allies and his predecessor on this delicate issue in the face of so much opposition from the P5 +1 Group and his advisers. 

Some feel the Vegas attack was a warning to Trump that his failure to aggressively support ISIS and the Kurds in Syria on behalf of Israel was a mistake. Is he now being further manipulated into abandoning what his EU allies like Germany support? Is this why he is backing Kurdish independence while Turkey and Iran scurry to constrain the regional fallout from last weeks vote?

Whatever the answer to those questions, Iran is not being intimidated by the President's posturing.  It has issued warnings of its own threatening our military bases in the region should new sanctions be imposed:
I have long argued that Trump represents his own version of the Deep State and is not the champion of American nationalism that so many of his die-hard backers believe.  
Enthusiastic supporters of him against Hillary Clinton last year like Jeff Rense, Steve Pieczenik, Robert David Steele and Jim Fetzer have articulated their disappointment with Trump's policies.  They believe he is a closet "Israel Firster" rather than the guy they promoted in 2016.

We will likely see how things unfold in the next few days and can reassess the matter then.

Rich Scheck, a former civil liberties lawyer, has spent much of the last 40+ years working to create a new political entity, The American Peace Party.


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