Sunday, November 12, 2017

Preston James: Charlottesville: Another Gladio-Style Staged False-Flag Attack on America

Preston James, Ph.D.

The DC Ruling Cabal uses the Major Mass Media to generate fake illusions which are deployed to become public mass delusions in certain target groups. These mass delusions are centered around incorrect interpretations of terror events that are actually staged by the USG itself. 

These staged terror events are actually sophisticated Psyops that are deployed in order to produce delusions in certain groups. These delusions then motivate the public to allow illegal, unconstitutional political actions by the state and/or the passage of new police state laws which violate the US Constitution. 

Such increased USG controls would normally never be accepted by the masses or otherwise be allowed to occur. But a public that is deeply frightened by terrorism will usually desire their government to institute more police state controls to protect them at any cost. 

There is no longer any doubt that Sandy Hoax was a staged terror incident, a fake mass shooting in a gun free zone with no real dead victims and Adam Lanza never existed except on a computer screen.

Any realistic examination of all the evidence depicted in the banned book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (now a free .pdf download in the first edition) quickly leads one to understand that this was faked, staged false-flag terror initiated by the USG itself through DHS/FEMA and the Connecticut State Police using highly paid professional crisis actors. 

And like with so many of the other virtual only (fake) terror incidents like Sandy Hoax and the Boston Marathon black powder puffer bombing, looks like nobody really died at all at Charlottesville either. 

Virtual staged terror looks like real terror but has pretend or faked dead victims, that is, no real dead victims. It is virtual because it is created as a realistic appearing illusion using crisis actors and videos that are spliced and morphed in sophisticated Intel video labs.

Sadly, a large portion of the American people have accepted this Charlottesville illusion too like they did at first with Sandy Hoax and the Boston Marathon puffer bombing. Charlottesville, like Sandy Hoax and the Boston marathon illusions, actually quickly became delusions in the American Mass Mind (the American mass consciousness). 

Thus, many now wrongly believe that somebody actually died at Charlottesville and that it was cause by horrible NeoNazis ideologically supported by President Trump. This delusion is only temporary because seasoned, well informed researchers are already exposing the Charlottesville psyop for what it actually is, a USG staged virtual terror incident that is fake with nobody killed. It won’t be very long before the facts these researchers have uncovered are publishing all over the Internet will diffuse to the masses and begin breaking the spell of this USG Psyop.

Those followers of Antifa at Charlottesville that were not paid agent provocateurs and professional crisis actors obviously internalized this mainstream media dispensed illusion that the election was stolen from Hillary Clinton by Trump and the Russians. They also wrongly believe that the right wingers who supported Trump (like Trump) also support NeoNazism and the denial of the rights of the poor, the blacks and the underclass and support the police shootings of unarmed blacks. 

This mainstream media dispensed illusion has morphed into a delusion in the minds of many of those who participate in these left-wing demonstrations. The rest of the demonstrators are paid participants. Numerous ads have been found offering $25 an hour for participating in such demonstrations. When folks suffer from such a delusion this can easily motivate them to act quite irrationally.

A delusion is a false belief, one that can motivate one to engage in abusive, dysfunctional or illegal behaviors. Respectable witnesses at the scene of Charlottesville have reported that Antifa and its supporting groups from the left initiated the attacks on the groups that wanted Robert E. Lee’s stature left up and that the police stood down and even stimulated the conflict without intervening against those doing the violence, only against the victims.

As Voltaire noted: “Those who can get you to believe absurdities…can get you to commit atrocities.”

That is why it was so easy to take America to war in the Mideast again after America was attacked on 9/11. The USG used the Major Mass Media to lie to the American People that terrorists from Afghanistan did it and the American masses quickly accepted this.

Years later it is now clear that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was an inside job done by the Mossad and assisted by traitors in the US Administration, the Pentagon, the USAF, NORTHCOM, and the FAA.

Finally, after many years a good portion of the American People are catching to what really happened on 9/11 thanks to the impressive work of numerous esteemed researchers and very frank smoking gun disclosures by former high ranking Intel and Military Officials such as Steve Pieczenik, M.D., Ph.D., and Alan Sabrosky, Ph.D.

It has now been proved beyond any reasonable doubt that mini and micro-nukes were deployed inside the Twin towers to demolish it, that no airplane strikes could have ever done so and pre-planted charges were placed in the Pentagon.

Antifa followers “drank the Mass Media Koolaide” and suffer from the delusions that removal of America’s heritage will create true equality for all Americans even the underclasses.

Antifa followers suffer from the Delusion that allowing such statues of the old south’s history means that the USG and the current president support tyranny and abuse of blacks and the underclass and NeoNazis. This is of course a monstrous stretch and illustrates the power of the major mass media big lies, false-narratives and propaganda on behalf of the Ruling Cabal and its paid puppets the DC Establishment which is comprised of both top Democrats and top Republican leaders too. 

Anyone who examines the plethora of now available evidence from bona-fide covert government crime researchers with integrity who are not CIA, FBI or DHS sock puppets and Intel stooges will quickly realize that like Sandy Hoax and the fake Boston Marathon Bombing, nobody died at Charlottesville. And that it was a staged, fake false-flag terror using paid crises actors supported by George Soros through artificially created pressure groups similar to “Black lives Matter”.

Here is a quick summary of some of this damning evidence that Charlottesville was a false-flag terror op designed to create fear in the American masses of President trump’s America first policies and to smear President Trump as a supporter of NeoNazism.

1-There is a purported financial connection between the groups that wanted to remove the Robert E. Lee statue because it was supposedly supportive of racism, Kessler (alleged CIA who has played both sides) and George Soros, a well-known Globalist NWO proponent who has been provided unlimited billions by the World Banksters who create and distribute all the money they want to whom they want. One of Soros' globalist responsibilities is to dispense vast sums to start grass route political action groups needed to arouse the minorities and unify them to unknowingly serve the Globalist NWO agenda for one-world government with no national borders.

2-Soros is known to have financed numerous “Color Revolutions” around the world, one good example was the Ukrainian coup run Vicky Nueland, the Assistant Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. His personal goal is to destroy all national borders and facilitate the creation of a one-world Luciferian government. He like so many Globalist NWO folks in  the DC establishment want to destroy the USA as it is and fold the remains into a one-world government NWO run by them, a super-fascist regime where the masses are totally controlled cradle to grave and personal freedom becomes a thing of the past.

3-There were two matching but different cars and two different cars with the same license plates involved in the strange street incident at Charlottesville where some supposed Neo-Nazi right wing nutcase hit and killed a lady in the street as he rammed into another car. Right before the car accelerated a woman had hit it left rear with a bat or umbrella which some claim sent the driver into ma senseless panic to speed away. 
The problem is that there was another matching car and another driver who was an apparent Miltel guy driving. CIA MK-Ultra mind-kontrol technology has advanced to such a sophisticated level using drugs and hypnosis that individuals can be conditioned to believe they did something or they could have done something they didn’t do at all. A good example of this was Sirhan, Sirhan who did not fire the killing shot at Bobby Kennedy in the hotel pantry. Due to Kessler and the second matching car, it is easy to assume this was your typical CIA psyop deployed with the support of DHS/FEMA and the FBI.

4-The supposed mother of the victim was completely inappropriate in her presentation, like so many of the Sandy Hoax crisis actors that were each paid over 1 million USD to participate as fake parents of virtually murdered children and to play their assigned roles forever. She laughed inappropriately and did not have the usual and expected emotions of apparent expressed grief and loss one would expect from a mother that just lost a daughter unexpectedly by murder. Nothing she said made any sense at all.

5-There were eyewitness reports that the League of the South members (about 100 folks) along with other folks supporting the Robert E. Lee Statue were forced by armed Swat police toward the Antifa folks who wore masks, threw bottle of urine and feces at them and sprayed pepper gas and mace while the police did nothing.

6-A journalist from South Africa was at Charlottesville to report on the story and asked the police what was expected of him and others there. He was told you can be here but wear no mask and carry no knives. 

7-There were about 100 league of the South (these are not neo Nazis or racists but want to preserve southern heritage and history). There were about 40 members of American Vanguard who share the same wish to preserve America’s heritage. There were about 30-40 Socialist Workers Party. There were about 12 National Socialists. A total of about 200 that were there to support keeping the Robert E. Lee statue up. 
There were just as many or more Antifa there and these folks were very aggressive and seemed to be guided and directed by professional agent provocateurs at the front of their crowd. The violence was initiated by Antifa and the Police there did nothing to stop it or arrest Antifa who were assaulting those in favor of preserving the statue. Some Police later claimed in private that they were ordered to stand-down by the mayor of Charlottesville. 
But he would not have set this policy himself and likely was taking direction from DHS or JTTF. 

8-Antifa was about 95% white and 5% black and the black agitators were by far the most aggressive and were up front, initiating the violence. They appeared to be very well trained and seemed to be professional agent provocateurs. They did not attack the police nor did the Police step in an contain the violence. Some observers claimed that many of the punches were soft, missed on purpose and seemed staged. Typically in these confrontation which are pre-arranged and scripted, agent provocateurs infiltrate all groups and wear some identifiable symbol so their opponents know who to “fight” so they can pull their punches and kicks without causing serious injuries. One journalist claimed that these agent provocateurs wore a single diagonal shoulder strap going from the right shoulder to the left waist, front and back.

9-Antifa, similar to “Black Lives Matter” is a Globalist created, financed and supported pressure group, deployed to create major public protests and incidents of violence and to motivated the sentiments of the underclass and to stimulate white, middle class guilt. It is a deep seated conviction of the Secret Shadow Government that unless they use create and motivate pressure groups to create major synthetic public conflicts, riots and violence, they will be unable to keep expanding their police state powers and get enough financing from Congress to support their perceived needs. It’s similar to the USG’s practice of creating synthetic false-flag terror like Murrah and the 9/11 nuclear attack on America to justify and motivate the American People to support the entry of the US military into illegal, unconstitutional foreign wars.

Operation Gladio is still active, still being deployed, still top secret, and always unimaginably evil and anti-human.

It’s important to understand the historical background of False-flag, staged terror since WW2. Typically, all such post WW2 staged false-flag terror (accurately referred to as Gladio Operations) have been run out of the left behind Nazi Intel group at NATO. Some have called it the DVD, others claim it is a conglomerate of all G7 Intel groups which freely interchange agents and work on joint operations frequently, appearing to functioning as the main Intel arm of a secret government of the G7 nations. Note that many believe that the Mossad is also fully integrated into this NATO Intel group.

At NATO, Gladio was set up as a Nazi Left Behind Army to deploy numerous psyops and covert operations using staged terror (with real dead folks) in order to stop the spread of Soviet Communism to Europe. There was an historic trial in Italy in 1984 when Gladio Operative Vincenzo Vinciguerra revealed the true facts of Gladio, and disclosed and how it planted bombs that blew up many innocent folks, all done to create false blame for such mass-murders on the Communist party in Italy to stop its growth. 

Gladio operatives mass-murdered innocents to create mass fear, to smear Communism to help stop its spread and to motivate the citizens to support increased police state powers and larger defense budgets. Finally, in 1990, the Italian Prime Minister admitted the existence of Gladio, but this was never emphasized in the American Press as it should have been since the Pentagon was involved through NATO. 

Sadly, the Pentagon is still involved in running Gladio false-flag terror all over the world. It was involved in the Murrah bombing, the first Twin Towers Bombing in NYC, and then was a strategic secret partner in the Mossad’s nuclear bombing of the Trade center and the flight of a submarine launched cruise missile which hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

It appears that there has been a secret multi-faceted Connection between the worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network, The City of London Zionists (BT/RKM), NATO, the left behind NAZI Army (Gehlen’s Intel network that was adopted by the USA after WW2), and Operation Gladio. Pedophilia has been called the German disease because it occurred in the upper Nazi ranks stationed in Italy during WW2. It was angry Italian mothers that exposed it and stopped most of it.

Many of the folks running Gladio have been known pedophiles and operated from a nihilistic, Luciferian and Leo Straussian existential perspective that humans are disposable entities that must often be sacrificed for a greater good, their own good and not anyone else’s. If you want to gain a good understanding of how Straussian existentialism produces the “the end justifies the means” based covert ops, spend an afternoon watching Kay Griggs personal video testimony available on

Some of the Gladio leaders have been known to be child molesting, child sacrificing Satanists who secretly practice ancient Baal worship as a part of a worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network. This Satanic Pedophile Network has taken control of most western governments through human compromise ops using drugs, expensive call girls and boys (often children), pedophile initiations and very sophisticated blackmail ops.

I was first informed of this Satanic Pedophile Network that controls most of the USG and every other western government over 20 years ago by an attorney with major Intel connections at the highest levels, but I just could not believe it was even remotely true. Now many years later after hearing the same information from numerous other incredible sources and viewing smoking gun evidence, I now know that despite how incredulous this all seems, it is 100% true and even worse that when I was first informed.

And now the leaked DNC emails have been published by Wikileaks which included damning emails about a pedophile network in DC. Photos have also emerged of cannibalized pedophile child victims by this ring which has international ties. Researchers have now started calling this Pedogate instead of Pizzagate for the International basis of this massive pedophile ring used for initiations and human compromise of high ranking officials all over the world, an effective means to totally control them.

Gladio comes to America at select US Post offices and gets labelled “Going Postal”.

The first notable set of major staged terror/false-flags in America with real dead folks (not virtual) occurred with CIA mind-kontrolled vets who worked at the post office. These folks were programmed and then triggered using MK-Ultra mind-kontrol technologies. 

These shooters in post office gun free zones had been conditioned to become extremely paranoid  and violent when provided key triggers and given extreme these paranoid delusions. These delusions were used to motivate them to shoot up and murder those they worked with at the Post Office who they imagined were conspiring against them. This is where the term “going postal” came from which represents when someone becomes totally enraged enough to murder others.

Gladio then morphed into staged school shootings with real dead kids, later followed by virtual ones with no dead kids. 

The next phase of Gladio in America has been the deployment of lone-nut shooters involved a large number of school shootings using the same basic Modus Operandi: an Mk-ultra mind-kontrolled subject, previously a loner or someone bullied, typically who had mental problems and had been prescribed SSRI’s by a psychiatrist MD (usually a psychiatrist with links to the CIA, best referred to as a spy-chiatrist).

Initial school shootings involved real dead child victims like at Columbine High School, but Sandy Hook was a two-day DHS/FEMA Capstone terror exercise claimed by the governmental authorities, the Connecticut State Police to be another real mass-shooting by a single lone-nut gun in a public school.  

In actuality this was a sophisticated USG psyops, a virtual false-flag attack on the Second Amendment with no real dead child victims. These ops typically involve the use of professional crisis actors selected from several companies who employ them. These crisis actors are allegedly required to sign confidentiality agreements. In many cases have to sign national security agreements not to ever disclose trade secret under penalty of imprisonment and heavy fines.

Many of these professional crisis actors have prior connections to DHS, FEMA, the FBI or the DNC and a fair number are Khazarians and deeply believe that such actions are necessary to disarm America for everyone’s good. It has been alleged that New Town is the eastern capital of Satanism in America and this was a motivating factor in many of the participants in this mass illusion which has become a mass-delusion in so many American minds.

The Columbine Mass-shooting in a gun free zone was another sophisticated MK-Ultra Psyop, but produced lots of real dead.

The Columbine High School shooting was a carefully crafted false-flag op on the Second Amendment using MK-Ultra mind-kontrolled teenage boys who had been bullied. Sophisticated mind-kontrol was deployed to mold these two school shooters who then were delta programmed to commit suicide when finished shooting. 

Police and Swat teams were ordered to stand-down at Columbine High School like they were at Charlottesville.

At Columbine HS police and the swat team was told to stand down for over 40 minutes while some victims bled to death and the shooters finished their shooting. This order came from a high government level and was unconscionable. Expect no mercy from anyone that plans and deploys Gladio ops because they have lost their human souls a long time before and are acting like functional sociopaths with no conscience or capacity for any human empathy except for themselves and their own personal wealth and welfare.

The excuse for telling the Swat Teams to stand down and not enter Columbine High School for over 40 minutes was that there were explosives planted in the building. Allegedly, the FBI and Police officials knew that because they had informants that helped planted the dysfunctional propane tank bombs before school. It has been alleged that others were involved and help the two identified shooters bring in the faulty homemade propane tank bombs that failed to ignite. Personally, I believe these accounts are accurate. Don’t ever expect any of the FBI agents who know the truth to ever come forward and talk publicly. 

They know they would get clipped by Division 5 or probably end up being treated like great American Hero and former FBI Agent Geral W. Sosbee who has been unmercifully harassed and electronically tortured by the FBI for refusing to support their corruption.

The FBI is a RICO criminal organization. According to the library of Congress it has no official USG charter and no right to exist at all. The FBI serves to cover up the elite crimes of the Ruling Cabal and assist in their high level human compromise, honey trap and blackmail operations against high ranking business and USG officials and diplomats. 

The CIA is actually a foreign based espionage operation inside America that runs operations for the City of London World Zionists, who are the evil folks who run the Vatican, Israel and G7 nations. It is also a major crime organization that specializes in major illegal drug trafficking, running the drug Cartels and all done to raise “off the books” money for the black ops of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

The real reason that the police were ordered to stand down at Columbine HS for over 40 minutes was to insure a big death rate and to perhaps allow other of the shooters’ support team to exit from the back of the school.

This covert op at Columbine HS was a joint FBI/CIA op designed to have a big kill rate to create massive blood trauma and massive fear in the American mass subconscious mind. Columbine HS was a classic Gladio op with a large kill rate, designed to elicit maximum fear and terror in parents for their children when away at school. 

There were at least three, maybe four or even five individuals involved that helped bring the propane tank bombs into the school and were allowed to leave before the police entered. Some believe there was a third shooter dressed in military fatigues that was an informant that was allowed to leave before the police finally came in. And there has been some strange FBI connection to the two shooters long before they did the shooting. Personally, I think they were mind-kontrolled with drugs, hypnosis and advanced psychotronics.

It is no coincidence that these Gladio mass shootings always occur in gun free zones.

Of course it is no coincidence that all these staged mass shootings whether real (with actual dead victims) or virtual (with no real dead victims) just happen to always occur in gun free zones. This is all part of a long-term Globalist strategy to disarm the world under a UN disarmament Policy approved during the JFK Administration. If folks were armed the shooter would be shot down instantly by return fire from those close by that are concealed carriers. Where the public is fully armed with conceal carry, these mass shootings just do not occur. The Ruling Cabal knows this and does their best to keep their policy of gun free zones in schools.

The Globalist New World Order (NWO) folks who formed the G7 command structure and are attempting to shove their NWO one-world government into place know that it is necessary to disarm the citizens of Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and America if they are ever going to be able to impose their one-world government on these nations and then later the rest of the world.

So far they have disarmed all of the above nations as intended except for the USA where guns have been a major part of American life ever since colonial days and the wild west.

All these Gladio ops with mass-murders deployed in gun free zones in America have been designed to create enough fear in the mass subconscious American mind to motivate Americans to be willing to give up their gun rights in order to obtain security for their children, their loved ones and themselves.

In addition, for many years the CIA has been trucking in arms confiscated by various large police departments and distributing them to gang members. In my city years ago this was done on government contracted trucks that brought in USDA cheese to distribute to the poor on a regular basis.

The reason for this as well as for the BATF’s Operation Fast & Furious is to increase crime in Mexico and American urban centers. It’s one of the reasons that the CIA traffics such large amounts of drugs into major urban areas and uses the gangs to distribute it. They expect this to create a lots of chaos, shootings and bloodshed which will in turn help the Globalists they serve get rid of America’s Second Amendment and keep increasing their police state powers to supposedly protect We The People from the huge crime problems they (themselves) created covertly.

The Globalists’ motto has always been “Order ab Chaos” (order from chaos). They believe that in order to institute the one-world satanic government, they must first generate enough chaos in every nation to break down their main institutions, and to destroy their heritage

Gladio ops morphed into virtual stage false-flag terror with no actual dead victims, only virtual, imaginary ones.

Since Murrah and 9/11, those running the Gladio program decided that it could be much easier to hire and train a large cadre of crisis actors and professional crowds to serve as the bit players for virtual terror instead of staging real lethal terror. The actual mass-murdering was creating too many loose ends and problems and making concealment increasingly difficult. Plus, the Ruling Cabal responsible feared it could stimulate serious backlash by the US Military, Intel and special ops that would started secretly terminating them.

By the way this may have already started with some kingpins who are being taken out by very sophisticated means, such as targeted psychotronics causing tumors, strange heart attacks, etc. Some who have died were receiving advanced life extension treatments and were doing well and unexpectedly got very sick and/or died. This suggests sophisticated covert termination in such cases.

Sandy Hoax is the prototype for these kind of virtual terror operations. In order for such virtual psyops to be successful, such psyops broadcast by the Major Mass media as real must be transformed in the American mass mind from an illusion into a real delusion. Without this transformation of the illusion into a delusion in the mass mind, the public would not be fearful enough to motivate them to give up more and more Constitutional rights in exchange for expectations of increased security to be provided by the government. 

Such types of virtual terror are created by a few top policy-makers that run the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). These ops are well planned long in advance like any other psyops. Usually such incidents require a lead time of one to two years, some much longer.

When the SSG realized the possibility that Donald Trump could be elected they began planning all kinds of contingency operations made ready to go that could be rolled out on demand.

Leaked DNC emails get published by Wikileaks and everyone accepts them as valid and accurate even the mainstream media.

As soon as the DNC emails were published by Wikileaks, the SSG immediately swung into action and planned a major psyops to shift the focus away from the DNC, Hillary and Deborah Wasserman-Schultz for stealing the DNC nomination from Senator Bernie Sanders, and away from Pizzagate. 

They came up with the tall tale of the “Russians did it” false narrative, suggesting that the Russian worked with Trump to release emails hacked from the DNC to make sure Hillary lost when she would have won otherwise. This is easily provable to be completely false, since Hillary and the DNC under Wasserman-Schultz’s control actually stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Pizzagate disclosures in the DNC emails are important because they revealed a portion of deep underground satanic pedophile network that is known to grip and control most of DC, including estimates of between 39% and 70% of members of the US Congress. These figures have been provided by retired Law Enforcement and Intel that investigated Congress on three different occasions and were stopped from prosecuting at a very high level.

Every Major Mass Media outlet has parroted this false-narrative “Russia did it” almost continually. This false-narrative has now been substantially proved to be false by several of the America’s top retired NSA and Intel folks who have shown that the DNC emails had to have been copied inside the USA onto a zip drive before they went to Wikileaks.

This suggests that it was someone who had access to the DNC emails most likely a DNC person. One person who alledgedly had full access was Imron Awan, who worked for Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC and who, despite his background, was given a Top-Secret security clearance.

Awan has now been arrested for “bank fraud” by the FBI after a grand jury indicted him last November. Awan ran the USG BlackBerry cell phones for many of the top Democratic members of Congress and had them secretly set up to automatically download to a server.

It has been reported by investigative journalist George Webb on that he was a high-level Intel Op associated with the Pakistani ISI. Debra Wasserman-Schultz had to resign as head of the DNC right before the DNC convention started because the emails implicated her in manipulating Democratic electors away from Bernie Sanders. Now with the Awan arrest, she has a lot of explaining to do for her high-level crimes and espionage against America for many years using the Awan brothers who are alleged to be linked to multiple murders.

It is doubtful that Imron Awan would have been motivated to leak these DNC emails to Wikileaks. A more likely individual would be Seth Rich who was supposedly shot walking the street in DC on the way home from a bar. Some believe that Seth was shot more than once in the abdomen with a small caliber handgun, likely .22 caliber, perhaps after being given a hypnotic drug in his drink causing him to be confused. The Mafia, the CIA and the Mossad have frequently used .22s for assassinations but almost always shoot to the head to make sure the target is dead for certain since a .22 short is easily silenced and will bounce around inside the skull usually assuring instant death.

The way this shooting happened happened suggests that the shooter did not want the shooting to appear as an assassination. And the fact the DC Police classified it as a botched robbery supports that. It is believed by some researchers that the DC police are easily controlled by Intel agencies.  And few believe that this crime had the typical earmarks of a street robbery. In these strange cases with a physician perhaps involved with certain Intel connections, one wonders if Seth Rich’s death was faked and he was put into a witness protection plan by the US Marshals, like so many other key witnesses have been. This could prevent him from talking as well as keeping him safe.

And then we have the leaked John Podesta emails in which he suggests that the leaker needed to be made an example of. This has resulted in some researchers suggesting that Podesta ordered the shooting of Seth Rich. Podesta, Hillary and Bill Clinton and others involved in these DNC matters are viewed by DC insiders as untouchable due to high Intel status (maybe CIA?). 

Has the US Department of Justice received “National Security Waivers” that prevent any prosecution of these folks for any of their alleged crimes such as Hillary Clinton’s “Pay for Play”, selling weapons export licenses and arming ISIS while Secretary of State?

An intern in the hospital Seth Rich was first taken too felt that his wounds were survivable and when he was brought in to the hospital he was allegedly not even aware he was shot. He was transferred to another hospital close by where a lot of organ transplants were done. His room was locked down and he then supposedly died. 

Did Seth Rich really die or was he placed in a witness protection program? So far it cannot yet be determined by covert crime researchers. A number of these researchers believe that Seth Rich was the leaker of the DNC emails to Wikileaks. Despite the fact that Julian Assange refuses to reveal the identity of leakers to Wikileaks, he has gone on the record to claim that the leaks did not come from the Russians as this false-narrative has claimed. Assange has claimed that soon he will tell everything if he is given immunity. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is supposedly negotiating this.

This false narrative that “the Russian did it” has lost its punch and has now been found baseless by a group of retired high level Intel Officers well qualified to analyze the electronic data. The creation of another Soros color revolution inside America pitting the underclass minorities against the so-called white conservatives who are made to look like NeoNazis is the new fall back routine. This could not even be attempted without the full cooperation of the Major Mass media which is comprised of six international News and Media Corporation that function as a virtual Monopoly and illegal news cartel run by the CIA.

This particular virtual terror false-flag at Charlottesville was a well-planned covert operation run by American Intel and the FBI through DHS and FEMA. It was set up to serve the policies of the Globalists who control the DC Establishment through the use of sophisticated bribery and human compromise schemes.

Virtual Terror is similar to Gladio-style Real Terror that produces real dead folks, but is based on using professional crises actors, DHS/FEMA drills presented as real events. The purpose of all false-flag attacks, whether real or virtual is to terrorize a targeted population for mind-kontrol, to create a believable delusion in the American Mass Mind driven by basic survival fear. This fear must be intense enough to motivate folks to suspend judgement, to behave irrationally and approve more police state laws that infringe the Bill of Rights and personal freedom.
Virtual Terror is basically a big trick run by American Intel and Law Enforcement to use the Major Mass Media to create a believable delusion and mass fear that will cause them to suspend normal judgement.

When the Federal, state and local authorities spin the same Big Lie that the event was Real Terror with at least one real dead person, it is very difficult for the average American news consumer to believe otherwise. The Major Mass Media have been viewed as the mouthpiece for the USG by a majority of the American People. But lately after the advent of the Internet and the massive number of Alternative media websites that carry the real truth, this number is falling rapidly and significantly.

Some researchers believe that the Globalists have worked hard to make Americans distrust their Government and Major Mass media since it is much easier to substitute a one-world government if Americans come to despise and distrust their government an d view it as too corrupt to ever be cleaned up.

The real reason for Gladio staged false-flag terror ops.

The true reason for staged terror, whether real or virtual is to process the American group mind (their group consciousness), that is the American subconscious mass-mind in order to direct it in a desired direction by creating fear based motivation based on a big lie and serious deception and trickery.

Staged terror, whether real (with dead folks) or virtual (with imaginary but believed to be dead folks) is to create massive subconscious fear that motivate folks to support police state measures and more losses of individual Constitutional freedoms (when this would not otherwise be possible).

It can also serve to distract the American public from the more important issues like rampant pedophilia in DC that was exposed in Pizzagate, the major national security crimes of Hillary Clinton and top DNC leadership and the coming economic and financial setback which is expected to be major.

Often when the USG stages a false flag, virtual or real, it is done to provide cover so that the government and the Banksters can continue steal the public blind without drawing attention to itself, start a major war or pass laws that take away more Constitutional freedoms for the individual.

The history of false-flag attacks.

The history of false-flag attacks goes way back, probably to the early periods of history. It was used to justify naval wars in the 1700’s. In naval false flags, a nation would covertly and falsely reflag one of its ships with the enemy’s flag and attack another of its own ship(s). This tactic was used by the Nazis at a radio station at Gleweitz, Austria to justify the invasion of Poland. Germans dressed up like Poles and attacked the radio station, blaming it on Poland and using it for a reason to invade Poland.

An American false-flag was used at the Bay of Tonkin with an imaginary incident to justify a major official American war effort in the Vietnam war. This was later admitted by Robert McNamara who was the secretary of Defense at the time.

The 9/11 false-flag attack was real terror, done by Israel with assistance by high officials in the Administration, Pentagon, USAF, FAA (most Americans involved were top PNACer and top NeoCon Israeli-American “Israeli-first” dual citizens). 

It is now clear that 9/11 was the granddaddy of all false-flag terror attacks and was used to justify an illegal, unconstitutional invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Not all wars are based on false-flag terror. For example, Japan’s attack on America at Pearl Harbor was manipulated by a secret 7year program by the USG and the US Navy to provoke Japan to attack America. Top Secret Naval documents have now been declassified that expose this 7year long provocation program.

This provocation program had included selling Japan raw materials and oil which allowed their huge military buildup. These were cut off as a provocation to drive Japan to war with America.

The Navy had cracked the Japanese Purple Code early on, long before Pearl Harbor attack and new that Japan’s ships were on the way and the attack was coming. Naval Intel Officers held their annual picnic early and decided to have it in the mountains away from Pearl Harbor. Plus, the USN had numerous spies with radios in the Pacific at various locations that had tracked the Japanese attack force on its way to Pearly Harbor.

The American aircraft carriers were pulled out of Pearl harbor away from Hawaii to a safe location and the old ships were left to be destroyed based on this pre-knowledge of the coming attack.

Or take Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait which was not based on a false-flag attack, but was manipulated by the US Administration.

But what exactly was the purpose of this Charlottesville false-flag staged virtual terror with no really dead victims?

Its purpose was to suggest that the election of Trump has furthered the right wingers and the NeoNazis in America. This is an attempt to smear and discredit Trump as being supportive of so-called NeoNazis who the Mainstream Media claim in unison were responsible. Most NeoNazis are actually run by FBI or other alphabet or Intel undercover agent provocateurs, just like the current Ku Klux Klan.

This of course is a monstrous Major Mass Media big lie, a false-narrative based on a psyop for the DC Establishment both Democrat and Republican that sees President Trump as a wild card that cannot be depended on to support their rampant pedophilia, pay to play and various schemes to acquire vast riches while in elected office.  Yes, the whole DC establishment is against President Trump and wants to drive him out. This includes Senator and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, both considered Globalist traitors to America by some researchers.

This claim that President Trump is supporting NeoNazis growth is of course is a complete falsity, since we know that in these kinds of clashes between pressure groups, they are always created by various elements in Intel and federal Law Enforcement. The Ku Klux Klan was known to become filled with numerous government, Law Enforcement and Intel informants and could not have existed without them. It was started by the Knights of the Golden Dawn, a secret Masonic group, and it would have died out except for the support of various USG entities joining up as secret undercover agent provocateurs. At one time over half of the Ku Klux Klan were Alphabets or their informants.

Almost every militia that arose in the 1980’s became infiltrated with a lot of undercover ops from various LE and Intel agencies. The Murrah Bombing was an FBI/CIA op designed to smear the militias and prevent them from continuing to expand.

Sandy Hoax was a false-flag staged virtual terror attack on the second Amendment. It was deployed to create enough fear in the American group mind over their children being gunned down at school with that they would give up their right to be armed. 

Thanks to the astute research of Professor James Fetzer and twelve other esteemed academics and researchers, Sandy Hoax has been completely exposed for what it was: a virtual staged terror attack where nobody really died. And it was much like the Boston Marathon black powder puffer bombing where nobody died, a staged fake terror attack with nobody hurt or dead that that was announced as a drill by authorities right before the small powerless charge was set off.

A well-financed coordinated attempt by the Ruling Cabal and the DC Establishment to smear President trump and convince the left he supports NeoNazism in America.

The Charlottesville psyop is an attempt to smear Trump and his supporters as right-wing Nazis and terrorists, so that it will become feasible to drive Trump from office and what is let of the Democratic party can be mobilized and activated to resist Trump and his policies and his claimed “America First” populist philosophy. 

Populism is the anathema to Globalist and the Ruling Cabal that runs DC and America hates it and wants to eradicate it.

Yes, Charlottesville was an Secret Shadow Government (SSG) effort to neutralize the populist support that propelled Trump into power for the Globalists. For a complete explanation of what the Sercret Shadow Government is research the definition by Richard Boylan, Ph.D. He was the first to ever publish an accurate picture publicly.

What can be done to neutralize the mass mind-kontrol power of these staged false-flag attacks and all the mainstream media lies and false narratives used to support this conditioning of the American mass mind?

It is now pretty obvious that the best antidote to the mass mind-kontrol spell cast by all these sophisticated Gladio-style staged false-flag terror attacks and mass-shootings is hard core, accurate truth. There have been over ten million free .pdf downloads of the banned book, NobodyDied at Sandy Hook. You can find it by doing an Internet search and then download it free in the First Edition. Newer Editions have HD color photos and are available Moon Rock Books.

This means that at a minimum at least ten million folks know the stark truth that nobody died at Sandy Hoax, and the school was shut down in 2008 for asbestos contamination and was then used for storage until this op was planned. This knowledge is slowly diffusing across America and when folks find out this truth it appears to break the spell cast by all these Gladio-style stage false-flag terror and mass shooting ops. By now perhaps 20-30 million Americans know this and have thus been “woken up” by the truth provided by this now famous blockbuster, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.

Yes, truth is a rapid and complete immunizer of Ruling Cabal generated big lies, false-narratives, propaganda and the related illusion. Truth breaks mind-kontrol spells imposed on the masses by the Ruling Cabal through the Major Mas Media which they control through the CIA. And we now know for certain that the Ruling Cabal are hard core Globalists and Satanic Pedophiles who secretly practice ancient Baal worship and operate as functional soulless sociopaths with no apparent consciences at all.

Numerous top former USG Intel officials have gone public that the attack on America on 9/11 was basically a covert operation run by the Mossad and assisted by the administration and the Pentagon, American Intel and the FBI, and a great deal of supporting evidence proving that has now emerged.

Once folks find out that 9/11 was an inside job, like the Murrah Bombing, and that Nobody died at Sandy Hoax or at the Boston Marathon fake bombing, the spell that has transformed a mainstream media illusion into a delusion in their mind is broken. And this appears to immunize them to new Gladio-style covert ops too.

Everyday more and more Americans are waking up and breaking this spell that has gripped their subconscious mind with Gladio created fear. Basically, there is a big race now going one between emerging populism based on truth and Ruling Establishment attempts to institute more and more fascist police state control as soon as possible before too many Americans wake up.

All tyrants and governments find out that maintaining power that they attained becomes a major problem for them. When regimes start to fail the fall back solution is to saber rattle or actually go to war. This is a strong psychological mechanism that works to activate and merge the basic subconscious survival fears of the masses into a unity of purpose that can be manipulated to boost the regime’s power.

One strategy used for many generations is the virtual or imaginary war that is created and deployed, made real by transforming an illusion presented by the regime into a full scale mass delusion of the masses which provides the political and ideological support the regime needs to stay powerful and for survival.

Thus, we had the Vatican leadership creating the mass illusion of a coming mass apostasy in rebellious Catholics. This Vatican big lie was an illusion  which became a Delusion and then transformed into the Spanish inquisition. This resulted in the horrible persecution, torture and murder of many innocents. All of this was done to enhance the centralized power of the Vatican and it was all based on a big lie created to manipulate the masses and increase and consolidate Vatican power.

Vatican Power was gelded back by the Gutenberg Press.

This extreme Vatican political power was gelded back with the advent of the Gutenberg Press which provided the ability to set type and mass produce the Bible. This led to the reformation and soon many were reading the Bible and finding out that the Vatican’s prescribed rules and behaviors were based on self-serving tradition rather than scripture.

The worldwide Internet is the New Gutenberg Press of the world and is now gelding back the unbridled power of the Ruling Cabal which is best described as the Babylonian Talmudic/Rothschild Khazarian Mafia/City of London world fiat banking system, commonly referred to as the Banksters who charge folks pernicious usury for using what should have legally been their own money in the first place.

The Internet was created as a powerful surveillance tool and sold to the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) for its ability to collect personal information, thinking, attitudes and behaviors or the  masses. 

It has been successful in doing so and has now started collecting every phone call, every email, every fax and placing the data in extremely large memory banks in the NSA’s massive data collection and storage systems. However, most of the data has not yet been processed.

And even worse for the BT/RKM/COL and the SSG, the Internet has morphed into the New Gutenberg Press and is generating more populism in the masses than ever before possible. It is providing almost unbridled “moral density” of the masses that French Sociologist Emile Durkheim wrote about.

Moral density, the concentration and amplification of moral values and outrage when the government and others violate societal standards of morality used to be elicited by the Press in America. But after 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passes which created the illegal, unconstitutional Federal Reserve System through bribery of the members of Congress and the President, the American Press was literally taken control of by the new “money power” of the FRS supported Regime in DC, aka the Ruling Cabal.

Creation of and selling of the Internet to the Ruling Cabal as a major new spy tool was DARPA’s big trick on the Ruling Cabal.

The Ruling Cabal has finally begun to realize that the crafty folks at DARPA tricked them and created a system which would eventually bring about their full exposure and demise.
The Ruling Cabal has been holding late night meetings deciding how to bridle the Internet without creating too much backlash by the now awakened populist oriented masses. Actually, the conflicts between the leftist Antifa type groups at Charlottesville and the conservative and tight ring groups was motivated by this populism that has emerged from the Internet. 

And it is now obvious that this Charlottesville psyop was created by the Ruling Cabal to redirect/split this mass populism into separate competing groups. It’s the same old time proven British strategy of “divide and conquer” that is being used here. This has been the Cabal’s same strategy used to divide We The People through the use of competing political parties who are actually both run by the Cabal. This create a distracting illusion that there are different political forces competing for periodic control of America when in reality only one group really runs it and that is the Ruling cabal, aka the BT/RKM/COL Banksters sometimes referred to by insiders as the “moneychangers”.

Right now the Ruling Cabal’s greatest concern is that this new and powerful populism that is emerging from the Internet will continue to increase and grow in strength and knowledge of the Cabal’s secrets and lies and will eventually demand the Cabal’s demise.

To counter this trend which they view as dangerous to their long term hold on the DC/American political system and their control of US Dollar production, the Cabal has decided to institute random censorship and cyber interference. Yes, randomly at first so as not to attract too much attention, but then to shift to a more systematic form of censorship through their partners who run the search engines.

Various strategies are now being considered such as a two speed, two-tiered Internet, one that is fast for large corporate businesses and a slow heavily censored one for all others, especially the alternative media websites. The Cabal is not sure if they can pull this off because there might be too much mass resistance but they will see if they can institute this.

In the meantime, their friends who run the major search engines and web services are willing to assist the Cabal by cutting monetization payments (demonetizing the alternative media), and active censoring of searches and actually removing posted material or blocking access. 

Various cyber hacking operations have now been deployed by US Army Psyops units such as located at Fort Huachuca in Arizona, at the NSA and at local and regional fusion centers and even at some large urban police departments who routinely and illegally tap many cell phones with the “Stingray” type systems. Israel runs a lot of Cyber interference ops against the American Alternative “Truth” media on the Internet for the Ruling Cabal. 

All personal computer chips have a built in backdoor that the NSA and other Intel operations can easily enter to interfere with someone’s computer inn real time. Your screen can be turned black, weird effects can be created, and material can be removed and your computer can be crashed at any time, they can even burn out your hard-drive if they want to.

Any computer memory that exists can now be easily hacked remotely by a number of Intel agencies using satellites and ground means. This technology utilizes D-Waves (Dimensional waves which actually transgress time and distance in ways not yet fully understood). There is no more secrecy between the most powerful nations of the world that all have this new technology such as the USA, Russia, China and Israel. 

The secrets of each nations power brokers is now being used between various Intel agencies of each nation to blackmail each other’s leaders to do what they want or at least compromise over certain geopolitical matters and economic/trade/monetary issues.

Whenever the USG need more power or money they start considering a new war. LBJ’s advisors suggested that foreign wars like Vietnam were not enough., that they needed to start domestic wars presented as a means to solve the difficult societal problems that they covertly created in the first place.

The War on Poverty

So, the Ruling Cabal manipulates the money system and the economy to produce a massive underclass with poverty. This was done over time. One the problem is obvious, the USG declares a war on poverty which started the welfare system which was designed to take black fathers out of the household and away from their children. 

The War on Poverty was created by LBJ to provide money in the large poor urban inner city areas to provide money for drugs which would then provide money to the CIA for black operations since the CIA was trafficking the illegal drugs into America in the first place. The CIA is the world’s biggest drug trafficker and worked with the Nazi Fourth Reich in South and central America to start the drug cartels as a means to create massive chaos in America and to gain a lot of money for their black ops which were being run on behalf of the Ruling Cabal. 

The War on Drugs

Once the drug problem created by the CIA became massive enough, the USG declared a War on Drugs and then used this as a means to build up more anti-drug police state functions and more CIA drug distribution networks. All done supposedly to stop drugs but actually done to increase use, gain more informants and gain more black ops money. But it was also done to increase societal chaos and help breakdown American society which is the ultimate objective of the Ruling Cabal who are all NWO Globalists.

One of the CIA’s black ops financed by all their drug money income has been to create, train and finance mercenary terror armies like the Mujahedeen, ISIL, ISIS, Daesh and the like. Then the USG deploys the regular military to supposedly fight these CIA mercenaries but helps them instead. These same group then ran Gladio-style terror ops all over the world and inside America too. When this got bad enough, then the USG declared a War on Terror, which was used as a means to build up more anti-terror units such as the JTTF and DHS which then helped run more secret terror.

Want more poverty, declare a war on poverty and you will get much more. Same for drugs. When the USG declares a War on Drugs you end up with more. And when the USG declares a War on Terror you end up with much more terror.

The War on Terror

After WW2, NATO always deployed Gladio-style terror to justify a large military buildup and more money which was used to support more of their mercenary terrorist groups.

A whole new phase in terror began when the CIA armed the Mujahedeen with Stinger missiles to defeat the Communist Russians in Afghanistan, who were seeking control of the opium and the mineral. The Mujahedeen were later morphed into ISIS and its associate groups of terrorists who were instructed to engage in utmost savagery such as public bombings, mass-murder of innocents, beheadings, torture, burning alive, raping of women, etc., all done to create maximum fear in the masses worldwide.             

Terror ops were then deployed in America with the first Twin Towers bombing which was set up and run by the FBI using the “blind sheik” who wanted to use fake explosives, but the FBI insisted real ones must be used. Murrah was bombed by the BATF. Both the BATF and the FBI showed themselves to be world class terrorists with these major crimes against We The People, but this was especially obvious at Ruby Ridge where the FBI terrorized and assaulted Randy Weaver and his family and murdered his son and wife (he was tried and declared innocent and eventually successfully sued the USG and was paid damages). 

The BATF and the FBI attacked and terrorized the Branch Davidians and murdered many of them including women and children in mass. These attacks at Ruby Ridge and at the Branch Davidians at Waco were all illegal, unconstitutional and blatant acts of terror and mass murder. This is what the FBI and BATF have become in America, blatant terrorist mass murdering RICO crime organizations.

The reasonable conclusion to be reached in all this? The FBI with its Hostage Rescue Team and the BATF are terrorist organizations that specialize in domestic terror with murder and mass-murder that even includes the murder of innocent civilians, including women and children.

USG Drug Trafficking, the number one black ops money producer for the Ruling Cabal.

The CIA’s major drug trafficking began in Vietnam where the CIA airline Air America flew opium out. Illegal narcotics were also brought back into American in the body cavities of US soldiers killed in action.

Everywhere the USG has gone since WW2 to star or fight a war, such wars have never been legally declared because they are all extra-legal crimes against humanity. But all such wars called “police actions” are actually initiated to gain access to illegal narcotics, oil and rare earth minerals and natural resources. Acquiring more drugs to traffic in to obtain more black ops money is always the number one motivation.

This is why the US Military has been in Afghanistan for so many years. The Taliban outlawed narcotics and almost eradicated them from Afghanistan. Since the US Army came in it has protected the poppy farms. The USAF has been secretly shipping the drugs via their Global Hawks.

It’s a sad fact that the USG never had any legal or Constitutional right to be in the Mideast fighting in any of the wars. The first Gulf War was based on a lie and was manipulated by the USG. A CIA proprietary sold horizontal drilling to equipment to Kuwait so they could secret access Iraq’s main Oil field. Then later after the oil was being stolen in massive volume, the American Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie allegedly informed Saddam Hussein of the scam. Saddam asked her what the USG would do if he invaded Kuwait and took back the land that was previously their and had been taken from them by the British. She told him the USG would consider it an “inter-Arab affair” and would stay out of it.

The rest is history. When Saddam Hussein ordered his troops to invade Kuwait, the USG countered this with massive psyops such as the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter claiming “the Iraqi soldiers pulled babies out of incubators and left them on the hospital floors to die, an obvious lie. But this big lie enraged the American masses who wanted revenge and the USG used this as an excuse to attack Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait. Advanced psychotronic weapons were deployed (including the “Voice of God” technology), which entrained the brains of the Republican guard and other Iraqi troops with the voice of Allah saying, you must throw down you guns and surrender. When they did so many were bulldozed alive into puts and killed.  

The Ruling Cabal’s failed attempts to create a War on Guns in America.

The Cabal has been trying to start a War on Guns by staging so many mass shootings in gun free zones. What this actually did was stimulate motivation in the America masses to arm up to defend themselves. This is another example of blowback that can occur from an arrogant misinformed Ruling Cabal that doesn’t understand We The People as well as they thought. 

This “get the guns” strategy has failed because incredible public pressure has resulted in most states adopting concealed carry laws that conform to the US Constitution. So far the Ruling Cabal has been stifled in their numerous attempts to use these mass shootings in gun free zones to disarm We The People.

One fall back routine may then be to start a new limited regional war; another to keep deploying false-flag staged Terror inside America, some with real dead folks but most with virtual, pretend dead folks using crisis actors.

If that isn’t enough they may decide to crash out the economy or start a nuclear war with Russia and China or both. When folks are starving in the street Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs control motivations   and hunger will cause the American Masses to beg the USG to intervene on their behalf and will then support major police state action if they can be fed too. 

The real battle now being fought is between the rising populism of We The People versus the evil manipulations and lies of the Ruling Cabal. Time will tell who wins, but basically this conflict is a replay of the American Revolution, except that the enemy is now the Ruling Cabal’s Cutouts that run the DC Regime.

President Trump very craftily rode this wave of rising populism in America. The Ruling Cabal is now trying to neutralize this by dividing the masses into two competing populist groups so they cannot take down the Ruling cabal which is what they would eventually do otherwise.


The reason for the deployment of false-flag staged synthetic terror is to garner increased support of the masses for a failing governmental regime and its policies.

America’s Founding Fathers envisioned a small federal, central government financed by excise taxes only and one that did not infringe on 10th Amendment States’ Rights or any other right supposedly guaranteed by the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Sadly, all power eventually becomes corrupt because those who rise to power in that government utilize the levers of state in attempts to increase their own personal power and riches by increasing the power of the state.

To do this they work hard to create big social problems, problems so big that only the state itself can institute solutions. And these centralized federal solutions require more power and money appropriated by We The People. 

This is why we had the various domestics wars in America such as the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror. The Ruling Cabal started these by creating these mass problems in the first place through their private Federal Reserve System manipulation of the money system, creating cycles of boom and bust, always with continuing inflation and reduced value of their Debt-notes now called the US Petro Dollar.

The bottom line to this synthetically created uprising of the left caused by the illusions generated by the Major Mass Media for the Ruling Cabal is that they want to eradicate America’s history and heritage and replace it with their own interpretation that favors and end to the American Republic. 

Why would the DC Establishment who live off America’s labor and hard earned income be willing to join with the Globalist NWO Globalists and sell out America? At first glance this seems to make no sense. On closer examination, it begins to become understandable when one learns that these DC Establishment folks truly have been deceived themselves and believe that a new one-world government base NWO Globalist system will give them even more riches, power and status than they have now.

What these DC Establishment cronies fail to understand is that they are merely Cutouts for the big boys at the top of the Satanic Pedophile Hierarchy that really runs the world.

If the one-world Globalist system was ever established, they would no longer be needed and in fact would become an unnecessary threat to be quickly discarded. 

Yes, these DC Establishment cronies have been deceived and human compromised themselves as they became inducted into the Hierarchy in successive initiation, each one increasingly evil and compromising that the prior initiation. 

These compromising situations start out with forbidden sexual pleasures and eventually morph into pedophilia, child sacrifice and finally blood drinking and cannibalism like occurred with Pizzagate. Numerous reliable vetted eye witnesses have come forth and reported that these events are real, including several Intel and Law Enforcement.

Once these folks have gone through the initiation process they are completely human compromised. Not only have they lost their very souls by that time, but they are easily blackmailed by the top Ruling Cabal leadership to do anything and everything the Cabal wants because all their initiations were secretly videoed.

Once you understand the initiation process of human compromise, only then can you understand the diabolical motivation of the folks that set up and run these Gladio-style false-flag terror ops whether real or virtual.

How then can the Ruling Cabal be stopped and removed from power. It has to be a gradual rise in an informed populace, one that obtains truth, the perfect antidote to the Mass Media’s dispensing of the USG’s big lies, false narratives and war and terror propaganda.

Truth wakes up Americans who have been placed in a sort of trance conditioned by the Major Mass media. So, learn the truth, and then share it with friends and family in appropriate ways. It is probably not wise to do so at work because you need to keep your job.

Preston James, Ph.D., a Social Psychologist with M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from a major Big Ten University, retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with high level Intel and Law Enforcement.


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  2. All te wars and misery caused by these people is disgusting.

    1. In the next life these people be penniless beggars.

  3. Jim,

    Check out this clip of the supposed Las Vegas victims and listen carefully at 1:58. You have been vindicated sir!

    1. can't make it out, what did he say?

    2. this is a hoax ok

    3. a dissatisfied woman complains to the driver he tells her: "youll get a turn ok? this is important ok?"

  4. It is amazing how lies in history books never get corrected even after centuries go by. Americans have been lied to about all wars. The Civil War is one of the worst. People have been brainwashed that it was about slavery. But while of course slavery was a tangential issue, the main issue was the basic legal right of states to leave the Union which had been a voluntary compact in the first place. I no longer idolize Abraham Lincoln but regard him as an unindicted war criminal for the deaths of upwards of 1 million and plunder of over half the country for the illegal purpose of "holding the Union together".   Not one word of the Constitution permitted that illegal Civil War.  New York was built by black slave labor.  Today we are all virtual slaves working about half our lives just to pay taxes for government to conduct endless illegal wars all over the planet.  Dishonest Abe went through general after general until he came upon a drunk Grant(who owned slaves) and psychopath Sherman.  Lincoln was "elected" if you can call it that by 39%.  Whether you like it or not slavery was legal at the time and not outlawed until after the Civil War.  Bully North sought to impose a 40% sales tax on the South.  How would you like to pay that kind of tax to thugs in New York?  I had read most of the many volumes on Dishonest Abe by Carl Sandburg at that magnificent old Sierra Madre Library but didn't have to walk as far a Dishonest Abe to borrow books.   The Confederacy VOTED to leave the Union and voting is a peaceful act.  Lincoln could have said to them, "Go you will be back in 20 years and we will welcome you back".  No war would have  been fought and no deaths of 1 million and no plunder of half he country.  But no he didn't do that.  I consider the Civil War the most disgraceful period of our history. This was also the first ratcheting up of federal power against the good intentions of the Founders for limited federal government and no one ever looked back. Somehow these false impressions in history books never get corrected. If you believe slavery was abolished after our Civil War watch the video "Harvest of Shame" by Edward R. Murrow on Thanksgiving Day, 1960 about a century after the Civil War: "We used to own our slaves; today we just rent them." Frankly there should be a federal law protecting all historical monuments but if any come down it should be those of Dishonest Abe, not giants like General Robert E. Lee one of the greatest generals of all time. Thanks to professor James for a well written article. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  5. Here is the link to "Harvest of Shame" with Edward R. Murrow and CBS Reports, Thanksgiving Day, 1960. Today we are 57 years later and nothing has changed. How about your kids and grand kids working in these fields and learning what a real day's work is?

  6. I am not sure the place you are getting your information, however good topic. I needs to spend some time studying more or understanding more. Thank you for wonderful information I was in search of this info for my mission.
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    1. Here is an excellent statement by an expert scholar on this subject:
      Abraham Lincoln said war was over taxes, not slavery
      By Roger K. Broxton of Andalusia, president of the Confederate Heritage Fund
      “Abraham Lincoln repeatedly stated his war was caused by taxes only, and not by slavery, at all.
      "My policy sought only to collect the Revenue (a 40 percent federal sales tax on imports to Southern States under the Morrill Tariff Act of 1861)." reads paragraph 5 of Lincoln's First Message to the U.S. Congress, penned July 4, 1861.
      "I have no purpose, directly or in-directly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so," Lincoln said it his first inaugural on March 4 of the same year.
      There is no proof of Lincoln ever declaring the war was fought to abolish slavery, and without such an official statement, the war-over-slavery teaching remains a complete lie and offensive hate speech that divides Americans, as is being done now by the media and politicians regarding the Confederate flag in South Carolina.
      Slavery was NOT abolished; just the name was changed to sharecropper with over 5 million Southern whites and 3 million Southern blacks working on land stolen by Wall Street bankers.
      White, black, Indian, Hispanic, Protestant, Catholic and Jewish Confederates valiantly stood as one in thousands of battles on land and sea. Afterwards, they attended Confederate Veterans' reunions together and received pensions from Southern States.
      Photos of black Confederate veterans may be seen in Alabama's Archives in Scrapbook - 41st Reunion of United Confederate Veterans, Montgomery, June 2,3,4 and 5, 1931."
      Lincoln did not claim slavery was a reason even in his Emancipation Proclamations on Sept. 22, 1862, and Jan. 1, 1863. Moreover, Lincoln's proclamations exempted a million slaves under his control from being freed (including General U.S. Grant's four slaves) and offered the South three months to return to the Union (pay 40 percent sales tax) and keep their slaves. None did. Lincoln affirmed his only reason for issuing was: "as a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said (tax) rebellion."
      Mrs. Grant wrote in her personal memoirs: "We rented our pretty little home (in St. Louis) and hired out our four servants to persons whom we knew and who promised to be kind to them. Eliza, Dan, Julia and John belonged to me. When I visited the General during the War, I nearly always had Julia with me as nurse."
      Lincoln declared war to collect taxes in his two presidential war proclamations against the Confederate States, on April 15 and 19th, 1861: "Whereas an insurrection against the Government of the United States has broken out and the laws of the United States for the collection of the revenue cannot be effectually executed therein."
      On Dec. 25, 1860, South Carolina declared unfair taxes to be a cause of secession: "The people of the Southern States are not only taxed for the benefit of the Northern States, but after the taxes are collected, three-fourths (75%) of them are expended at the North (to subsidize Wall Street industries that elected Lincoln)." (Paragraphs 5-8)..."
      Posted by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D.

    2. Continued from above. Quote:
      "It was on April 8, 1861, that Lincoln, alone, started the war by a surprise attack on Charleston Harbor with a fleet of warships, led by the USS Harriet Lane, to occupy Fort Sumter, a Federal tax collection fort in the territorial waters of South Carolina and then invaded Virginia.
      On April 29, 1861, President Jefferson Davis described the South's response of self-defense in his Message To the Confederate States Congress: "I directed a proposal to be made to the commander of Fort Sumter that we would abstain from directing our fire on Fort Sumter if he would promise not to open fire on our forces unless first attacked. This proposal was refused." (Paragraphs 8-9)
      The only reason the South ever gave for fighting was in self-defense of the voluntary Union of independent States, as symbolized then by the U.S. Flag.
      Secession (withdrawal from a voluntary union) and war are two very different events.”

  7. Ian Hockley "father" of Sandy Hook Victim, in front of Connecticut Courthouse with lawyer today Nov. 14, 2017

    Read the comments to this article; Jim is evidently making progress convincing a duped public this was a hoax.

  9. Preston,

    Your best effort yet. Really takes us forward into reality. Truth is going to be manifested in the exposure of what I like to call Babylon/America's nakedness. Her disgusting emotionless lifestyle.

    November 16, 2017 at 12:47 AM

  10. I just read on the site Conspiracy Outpost (great site btw) that no one showed up at Wolfgang Halbig's court date on 11/15/17 (the proceedings Lenny Pozner brought against him ) so Halbig won by default. I guess the SH people didn't want to face Wolfgang's questioning in an actual public legal suit, including the question of What is Lenny Pozner's "real" name. Just wanted to pass this along and ask if you folks have heard anything about it. I've found nothing else on line and of course, the MSM will not report this. Thank you all for your efforts on behalf of our great country!

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  14. pierre said...
    I havent read it yet but I found the book, as mentioned on Rense (oops, sorry).
    The Real Lincoln (1902 book)

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