Thursday, June 28, 2018

PENN Magazine (July 2018): Man of the Year: The Big Wolfgang Halbig

​"Were you paying attention to The Dude's story?"
"I was bowling."

July Issue
Penn Magazine

Wolfgang Tracy Lebowski & Fetzer Investigate Sandy Hook

Also available here in flip-page format

We Walk
With Giants ...





Halbig, Tracy, Fetzer
(and nineteen others) deserve something,
 the Medal of Freedom, but that means nothing, the Nobel Peace Price
(it’s got Obama Germs on it) ... something
different, better ... money? No.
How about ... THANK YOU.

... It’s not just our opinion, man, it’s the honest-to-god-truth: Halbig et al. are right, they are heroes, because Sandy Hook, as well as (name a dozen more here), are all hoaxes, false flags, conspiracies, people might have died in some cases, but they are still government —United States government — lies, gigantic lies,
treason, felonies ... jailable offenses, and I don’t know what that makes you think when you hear the good ol’ American radio ad by “Reasonable Guy” telling you to register with the Selective Service because it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s the law, and you do (don’t you?) want to be in touch with the rest of America and not ruin your whole life of fun and games ... but I think the whole thing is a joke, a falling down house of cards and we are privileged to be right here in the front row in “real time” watching it crash in slow motion.

... There are so many Lebowski-isms that one could easily get
carried away. They are best served sparingly.

Yeah, but that’s not really our style here, is it, Achievers?

And if you think it is, then obviously you’re not a golfer.

Nothing is fucked.
Wolfgang Halbig is on the Penn Magazine 
cover as The Dude. (Whaaaat?)

Not sure what he would think of this if he might see it. 
Maybe hopefully he won’t.

But if Wolfgang would see this we would like to 
say that it is meant to be an honor, an
homage, it’s like Lenin said ... I am the Walrus.

We love “The Big Lebowski,” watched it at least a million times.
It means nothing. It believes in nothing.
But I’ll allow there are a lot of nice folks in it.

The Dude is looking for answers, the truth.
And that’s pretty much where any comparison 
with Wolfgang Halbig begins and ends.

It’s just a way to talk about the Sandy Hook Story, The American Story, and the story of a good man, who loved the outdoors, and bowling, and as a surfer explored the beaches of Southern
California from Lahoya to Leo Carillo
. (oops) And up to Pismo.

There will be many of these lapses into Lebowski Speak in this issue, but the Dude abides and you see what happens when you try to fool people like Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracy and Jim Fetzer? 
You see what happens?
This is what happens.
This is what happens, Obama.

Halbig should be on the cover of well, 
something really big, but they are all fake,
so well, for now this will do, but it really doesn’t. It’s not enough.

It means thank you, in Czechoslovakian, that’s what this issue of Penn Magazine means, whatever the words are for thank you in Czech, 
that’s what this is.

Is Wolgang Halbig the only one around 
here who gives a shit about the rules?

Mark it zero, Obama. This is not Vietnam. 
This is bowling and there are rules.
Mark it zero.

Penn Magazine is named in honor of Penn Jones, Jr., an honest newsman, who did not lie to us.
Who did not pee on our rug.
This aggression will not stand ... man.

Here’s what I saw.

Bobo Fay on the Conan O’Brien Show.
(It’s been awhile.)

Bobo is on the cast of the Finding Bigfoot show on Animal Planet, which now finished its thirteenth season.

At first I thought it was nothing, but now I think it is something.
Talking about Bigfoot on big time late night American main stream television.
It’s a break-through.
It actually is.

I’m going to be optimistic.

And maybe that’s not such a stretch.
Talking about Bigfoot on mainstream TV.

How much longer until Richard Dolan – UFOs/Jim Fetzer – Paul Wellstone, JFK/Kevin Barrett – 911/William Pepper – MLK, RFK.
Maybe we will start talking to each other, this American nation.

There’s a lot we need to talk about.
We are like an extremely dysfunctional family that hasn’t talk about things for a very, very long time. 
And actually it plans to never talk about certain things.

That’s how it plans to function from now until forever.

Some things we just never talk about.

We laugh, go to work, talk together sometimes, attend funerals and weddings, get through it all somehow by means of cigarettes and beer, and on Thanksgiving we watch football, in silence until we can escape to our own caves and dens.

But then, one year when nobody expects it, during Thanksgiving dinner, Uncle Frank, who nobody really knows that much about except your dad and he’s not talking, well, Uncle Frank makes a joke about something and everyone shouts no shit! with their 
open mouths and wide eyes.

And everyone runs out into the backyard with spades and begins to dig and by god, that is where the bodies are buried.

And everyone starts talking about everything in family history and genealogy and they pull out the cards and the board games and nobody goes home all night, just talking and drinking coffee and the next morning, well it’s like a whole new world.

The whole world is new.

And not because somebody brought a gun or a knife to Thanksgiving Dinner because they had about had it — but by some fluke, something not really planned, except maybe by courageous ol’ weird Uncle Frank, everybody started talking.

So, yeah ... Bobo talking about Bigfoot on big-time TV.

Well, that might be what the revolution looks like.

We always wondered. Is this the revolution? Is that?

Well, maybe it’s a big dude with a California accent in a flannel shirt and jeans wearing a Keep On Squatchin’ cap.

Far fucking out.

Still not feeling it?

Well, we are not only going to talk openly about the truth about Bigfoot and Sandy Hook, but also ... 9/11, Oklahoma City, San Bernardino, Boston, Aurora, all those fake fucking shootings and all the real shootings put on for our benefit by our own very own government.

And they are going to jail and it is the revolution, the end of war, the beginning of trillions of dollars for roads, schools, health care, all that stuff ... and we won’t be stupid anymore.

We thank you Bobo.
We thank you Wolfgang.
We thank you James.
We thank you Jim.
We thank the Academy and The Crisis Actors Guild.
The royal we.

Mike Palecek, editor
Chuck Gregory, publisher

And, make sure to listen to ...
The New American Dream Radio Show,
Thursdays 7-9 pm Central Time, Revolution Radio Network,
Schedule A.


  1. Why should our totally corrupt governments of the State of Connecticut and Federal Government be permitted to use the full military armed force of government to hide their criminal lying activities of deliberate fraud against the population of the planning and execution of the Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax on Dec. 14, 2012? Every member of the School Board and Newtown City Council and their lying lawyers should be sitting in a jail cell for obstructing simple release of "public" information to Wolfgang and his lawyer. The thugs who went to his home threatening him should be in jail for life. Obviously we have all been lied to by lying ignorant high school teachers and lying high school history books about the despicable history of the Gangster Nation United States of America. It likely never was as presented by these pathological liars. It is no better but likely worse than any of the totalitarian countries it allegedly replaced. Lies, lies lies...and more lies. All wars started based on lies. Americans are the biggest fools on planet earth. Thank you Wolfgang, Jim Tracy, Jim Fetzer and all the rest for having the guts and intelligence to expose these criminals running our corrupt gangster nation.
    Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  2. Here is the axiom followed by the cowardly "distinguished" physics professors at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut on their deafening cowardly silence to the Sandy Hook Hoax:
    "'t is not yours to wonder why only but to do and die." Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  3. Man of the Year, Wolfgang Halbig. Thanks Penn Magazine. Applause, applause!!!!