Monday, July 30, 2018

Alan MacLeod: The Utiity of the RussiaGate Conspiracy Theory

The Utility of the RussiaGate Conspiracy Theory

New McCarthyism allows corporate media to tighten grip, Democrats to ignore their own failings


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  2. What?--"Russkie Hysteria"?--Golly, But Who/What Could Be Behind It?

    Wtf?--so Alan Macleod here says Jews-media concocted Russkie hysteria?--tell us something we don't know.

    For isn't Jews-media wholly owned subsidiary of "deep-state" powers behind the central-bank which issues nearly INFINITE CURRENCY?--see for expo on central bank.

    Meantime hitlery Clinton, the obvious criminal, continues to flit about running her idiot mouth, the Jew masterminds at top of things continuing to play "good Jew vs. bad Jew," fakey "left vs. right" charade--as they've been doing for at least about 100 yrs now.

    So over-populated goons, scum, and puke ("the people") of Jew S A have such a lovely satanic empire on their hands, this empire run, guided, and directed by top satanists, Jews, naturally. And notice few people are really taken-in by the Russia hoax, just another Jewwy, Jews-media psy-ops.

    Doubt Judaism is satanism (extreme subjectivism)?--just ck,, and also has lots of good material.

    Meantime we sit now waiting for the next false-flag as Trump and Israel-first neo-cons ready a big hit on Iran, evidently--everyone KNOWS it will serve Israel, as always.

    After all, if it ever was true about Russkies taking-over, it would have had to have Jew-Israeli complicity, along w. Jews-media, etc. Who's kidding who?

    Probably the biggest Jewwy and Jews-media scams induced upon the over-populated, TV-addicted morons, scum, filth, puke, goons, and suckers, who make up so much the bulk of "the people" of Jew S A is COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and Learned-Helplessness, all this aside fm the usual "bread and circuses."

    Such then is perfectly logical course of CYCLIC hist. of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, USA, now Jew S A, collapsing in HUBRIS, corruption, and satanism.

  3. The way this blog posts after scrutiny is just asking for bias. The delay in posting comments also inhibits conversations in real time. My last posts have not shown up on PCR and no matter the reasons, it strikes a pose already done by Huff Post. You can not pick and choose your published comments if you want to play this game.

    I want to see ALL POSTS immediately after reception.

    If you pick and choose, delete ANY material, how is the participant supposed to continue?


    1. Richie-Rich Should Work On Quality Of His Drivel

      Well, that's why u have to work on QUALITY of ur posts, so that it doesn't too much depend upon timeliness. Don't forget Fetzer does other stuff, like the vids and int-views w. such as Brian Ruhe and many others.

      Besides, we already KNOW what u're all about--just the typical Jew-friendly babble--"don't look here; look over there," as u blather on about "baphomet" mystic balderdash that doesn't explain anything, just diversionary crap.

      U want to pretend, like typical Jew, that reality is subjective, humanity is possessed of "free will," thus providing for "good-evil" nonsense for children.

      And u don't really seem to read any of the commentary, never responding to the actual pt.s being made, just babbling-on and on w. ur Jew-friendly drivel.

  4. There is no doubt much truth to the media’s criticisms. However, the media’s claim that we now live in an era of post-truth politics is highly patronizing and carries with it the false idea that we until recently had a fact-based political system. This could not be further from the truth.